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Dubai Launches Gaming Visa To Attract Top Talents in 2024

The emirate of Dubai has launched a “Dubai Gaming Visa” to attract top talent from the gaming industry and position the city as a global hub of gaming. As part of its “Dubai Program for Gaming 2033” (DPG33), the visa aims to encourage gamers to develop and enhance their skills while providing many investment opportunities to help them turn their innovative ideas into successful projects. The visa will grant long-term residency to gamers, content creators, and industry professionals worldwide. Successful applicants will also receive a Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate that will enhance their professional profile.

The emirate hopes to add 30,000 new jobs linked to the e-gaming sector by 2033 and have the industry contribute an estimated USD 1 billion towards Dubai’s GDP by that year. They plan to support the burgeoning gaming sector by organizing and hosting a range of initiatives, events, and exhibitions to reach that goal. DPG33 will provide funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities for aspiring game entrepreneurs and startups while also providing a platform for local talent through educational programs, workshops, and events.

Dubai Gaming Visa: A Cultural and Economic Initiative by Dubai Culture and the Dubai Future Foundation

The “Dubai Gaming Visa” is one among several multi-year cultural visa categories granted by Dubai Culture and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai to writers, thinkers, authors, artists, intellectuals, and those with creative skills to establish the city as a leading destination for living, entertainment, and employment.

The Dubai Future Foundation oversees the implementation of this gaming program, focusing on three main areas: talent, content, and technology. The foundation aims to “create a global platform in Dubai, bringing together digital content creators and collaborating with international companies, universities, and academic institutions to provide training and employment opportunities. It will also support entrepreneurs and innovators and launch dedicated education and training programs.” Dubai hopes to establish a global cultural and artistic platform to become the global creative economy center by 2026, breaking the current over-reliance on oil for economic development and striving to develop a diversified economy. Dubai’s long-term goal is to create 30,000 gaming-related jobs, bring a $1 billion boost to GDP, and become a leading city in the global gaming industry.

Benefits of the Dubai Gaming Visa For Individuals

 Dubai Gaming Visa

Provides security and stability for those looking to develop their careers in Dubai’s gaming industry. Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate: Recognizes proficiency and dedication to the gaming sector. Offers career opportunities, high salaries, and professional development. Get access to the community of developers, gamers, and industry leaders. Dubai’s world-class gaming facilities and innovation provide an ideal environment for gaming professionals. The tax-free environment increases earnings.

For the Gaming Industry

Improves the quality and diversity of the local gaming industry. Welcoming foreign skilled professionals promotes cultural innovation. Generates many job opportunities and revenue that contribute to Dubai’s economic development. Improves Dubai’s reputation as a powerful and innovative city. Encourages cultural understanding and recognition within the gaming community

Eligibility Criteria for the Dubai Gaming Visa

Applicants must be at least 25 years old.

Proven work experience in the gaming industry, whether as a professional player, content creator, developer, or in other relevant roles.

Comprehensive gaming-related CV, a copy of the passport, and, optionally, educational qualifications and proof of community contributions.

The following are all the documents needed to apply:

  • Passport copy.
  • Educational qualification.
  • Proof of contribution to the gaming community (optional).
  • Desired job roles.
  • Residence permits / EIDs (if available).
  • A relevant CV.
  • Personal details such as workplace, residence, etc.

Players who are interested in the program must apply to the Dubai Gaming Initiative website. Upon submission, candidates will get email updates, and if their application is accepted, they will be awarded the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate.

As part of the plan, Dubai is not only inviting gamers but also programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and top tech businesses. The city hopes to reduce the time it takes to process visas from one month to only five days by investing considerably in this area.

Steps to apply for the Dubai Gaming Visa

dubai gaming hub

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Dubai Gaming Initiative.

Step 2: Register and create an account on the website.

Step 3: Fill out the application form

Step 4: Submit all the necessary information, including CV.

Step 4: Wait for the approval.

Step 5: Applicants will get the certificate after approval.

Step 6: Apply for the Visa.

Gamers interested in the program will have to apply through the official Dubai Gaming Initiative website. Once the application is submitted, applicants will receive updates via email and will be granted the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate once the application is successful.


Economic Growth: Revenue generation and job creation.

Global Reputation: Elevates Dubai’s innovative image.

Cultural exchange promotes diversity and understanding.

Drawing International Talent: The Dubai Gaming Visa intends to attract skilled gamers, developers, content creators, and other professionals to enhance the local industry.

Nurturing Local Talent: The initiative focuses on cultivating local talent through specialized educational programs, workshops, and events.

Establishing a Supportive Ecosystem: DPG 2033 offers funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups.

Advocating Esports: Dubai aims to become a premier destination for esports by hosting tournaments and leagues.

Spurring Innovation: The program encourages research and development in the gaming sector to foster new technologies and games.

What is a gaming visa?

The Dubai Gaming Visa is designed to attract skilled gamers, content creators, and industry professionals from around the world to Dubai, offering them long-term residency and a host of benefits aimed at fostering their careers in the gaming sector.

Is gaming allowed in Dubai?

Gaming is illegal in the UAE on religious grounds, which forbid such practices. Accordingly, this prohibition includes card games, slots, roulette, and other gambling activities—in addition to online casinos.

Is gaming big in Dubai?

Gaming Market Value: The UAE gaming market is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2025, with Dubai playing a significant role in this growth. This indicates the industry’s strong economic potential and its contribution to the region’s GDP.

How do I sponsor a visit visa in Dubai?

Sponsoring someone to visit the UAE

A color passport photograph.

A color copy of your passport (which must be valid for six months)

A copy of your Emirates Airline ticket or codeshare flight that starts with the code “EK”, and the ticket number should start with “176”. The visa application form.

Is GTA allowed in Dubai?

The international success “Grand Theft Auto” was banned in the UAE for violent content.

What is restricted in Dubai?

All kinds of narcotic drugs (Hashish, Cocaine, Heroin, Poppy Seeds, Hallucination Pills, etc.). Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries. Crude Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn. Gambling tools and machines.

Long-term Gaming Visa

A long-term Gaming visa was launched for Gamers, Content Creators, and Developers in Dubai

Dubai introduced a long-term Dubai Gaming Visa for Gamers, Developers, and Content Creators.

The new visa is an initiative under the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033 (DPG 2033).

However, it is worth noting that Dubai’s population is only around 3 million, and the UAE’s population is only around 9 million. With a small population base, the gaming market is relatively narrow, and the density of gaming talent is not high. The planning of related projects is still in its early stages, and supporting policies are yet to be further refined. The attractiveness of this project to relevant professionals may not meet expectations.



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