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Explained: Liquid Screen Protector vs Tempered Glass

What Is Liquid Glass?

You may use liquid glass, an invisible product, on your smart device with a rub. It is a Nano-liquid that alters your screen’s chemical structure when it dries. It fixes the glass on your phone as you apply it, making it harder to break.

Your glass screen can appear smooth when it’s by itself, but when you examine it closely with a microscope, you’ll realize that it has many gaps and openings. What makes glass so brittle when it falls is its fluid composition. Instead of leaving it like this, you can cover any mistakes using liquid glass. This product is a superior substitute for tempered glass used in phones and tablets because it makes use of the strength and resistance of silicon dioxide’s structure.

The most excellent liquid glass for cell phones is offered by Cell Helmet; the product is even backed by a guarantee. After use, Cell Shield will give you a hundred dollars for screen repair if it breaks or is damaged.

Everyone who worries about maintaining their electronics should have liquid glass. It will reduce the likelihood that you will need to spend on costly maintenance and keep your technology looking like new for many years to come.

Basic Information about Liquid Glass

liquid glass screen

The tempered film has a journey just like any other product in this world. It is difficult to run into a smartphone user these days who does not utilize tempered glass screen protection. However, how does this wonderful product function? How does it change as time goes on? How crucial is it that the tempered glass film industry stay abreast of technological improvements?  We will attempt to provide you with an explanation in this article.

The tempered glass screen protector industry was aided by the entry of Chinese firms like the Chinese company Xiaomi, the company Huawei, OV, and Maize. The tempered film consistently provided clients with guarantees concerning the security of the original glass screen.

People removed the button, but at least it obtained piece of mind, until about the time of the smartphone.

Liquid Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

For every mobile phone and device tablet or smartphone screen protection is most important. Not only can marks and scratches damage the appearance of your smartphone, but they can also affect its performance. Although they provide protection, traditional tempered-glass protectors for screens can be difficult to install and at times seem difficult. Liquid Nano protectors for screens are becoming more and more well-liked because of this. They produce an easy-to-apply, undetectable, incredibly smooth, and highly resistant to scratches covering. Additionally, they function on a variety of devices, including screens, laptop casings, glasses, and others!

What is Liquid Glass? How does it work?

Apple, S20 Note, tablet, and all other smartphones are suitable with Nano liquid screen protection glass. In simple terms, Samsung iPhone 12:

In Simple Terms:

Silicon dioxide is the main component of the glass that we use every day (SiO2). Silicon dioxide in liquid form makes up the majority of Levitt’s LIQUID GLASS. It provides another sheet of glass, like tempered glass, to cover the screen.

The difference:

Levitt Liquid Glass is neither a film nor glass with a temper. It’s a state-of-the-art, highly resistant, fully transparent liquid wipe-on screen protector that adheres to your device’s glass to provide significantly improved protection against scratches, fluids, and impacts. The German technique raises the screen of the gadget to a 9H hardness level while adding an invisible shielding layer.

More in-depth:

A glass is not as smooth as it appears on a tiny scale. It has holes and spaces, making it erroneous when exposed to sharp objects or impacts, this porous surface develops weak spots. By blocking in the tiny holes and adding a second layer to the surface, Luvvitt Liquid Glass produces a surface that is tougher and more resistant to scratches.


 liquid screen protector

Liquid Glass does not require a second application every three to six months, in contrast with traditional liquid screen protectors. It is advisable to reapply once a year, with the special combination last up to two years.

Up to four devices can be covered by a single LIQUID GLASS screen protection wipe.

Fingerprint sensors are not affected by or disturbed by liquid glass.

Only premium quality. Unlike ceramic and glass finishes, which were created using old methods, LIQUID GLASS is made using state-of-the-art technology and has been specifically developed for mobile device screens.

Universal: LIQUID GLASS works with all smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

A high-quality product brand established in the USA, New York, and the Golden State, LIQUID GLASS has been around for ten years.

How to Apply a Liquid Screen Protector?

Putting screen protectors requires some thought and focus, either using tempered glass or conventional plastic screen protectors. However, because they don’t require the same amount of accuracy as plastic protectors, liquid screen protectors often appear to be simpler to apply. Using a liquid screen protector is a simple procedure that only requires a few steps to be finished:

Step-by-step Guide

1. Use a cleaning cloth that comes with the screen to clean away any debris or fingerprints.

2. using the provided cleaning cloth, apply the tiny liquid to the screen.

3. Evenly divide the liquid around the screen, ensuring it completely covers it.

4. It typically takes between ten and fifteen minutes for the liquid to dry completely.

5. To make sure the screen is clear and smooth, buff it with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any additional fluid.

6. For best results, repeat the application method a couple of times.

Advantages of Liquid Screen Protectors

Compared with traditional screen protectors, there are several benefits to employing an exciting liquid nanotechnology defender:

Superior Scratch Resistance: By plugging up small defects in your screen, the SiO2 increase provides a more difficult (9H) surface that is immune to scratches from coins, keys, and general wear and tear.

The finish is very smooth and the touch sensibility is maintained. Take benefit of an extremely smooth screen that is wonderful to touch without reducing the touch sensitivity of your smartphone. The screen covers made of liquid guarantee the usual sensitivity.

Flexible to all screen sizes and shapes: protect displays of all kinds! Gorgonian Liquid Screen Protector is suitable for smartwatches, cameras, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Even plastic and metal surfaces on devices like laptops and eyeglasses can be protected by it.

Easy Meaning: Forget annoying issues with alignment or bubbles. Just apply the fixative, let it dry, and then take pleasure in perfectly safe screen protection.

Continued Protection: according to usage circumstances, just one use of our liquid screen protector can offer scratch protection for up to six months. We advise routinely checking the screen protector’s condition and applying it as necessary for the best protection. By using preventive steps, you can make sure that your gadget is protected against dings and wear over time.

Disadvantages of Liquid Screen Protectors

Using a nano-technologies-enhanced liquid screen protector has many advantages, but there are also a few important points to keep in mind:

Limited protection: Liquid protectors strengthen the underlying glass, but their main purpose is to prevent scratches from everyday objects like coins and keys. In general, a windshield protector will provide better protection against screen destruction if your phone is subjected to frequent drops or hits. The Gorgonian Liquid Screen Protector is made to be easily applied, but it is still important to carefully follow the guidelines that are supplied. This guarantees optimal effectiveness, uniform coverage, and avoidance of any possible finish flaws or streaking.

Changing Wear and Tear: The amount of wear and tear your smartphone sustains will affect how long the liquid protection lasts. Applying the protection may be required more regularly for users who handle their devices in harsher situations than for those who use them more rarely.

Cost-benefit analysis: In comparison with standard screen protectors, liquid protectors for screens may be more expensive. Even if they might provide scratch protection that lasts longer, it’s important to consider your usage behaviors, the type of shielding you want, and the initial cost.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Liquid Glass Screen Protectors:

Cleaning and preparing the device’s surface properly before using it.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for best outcomes.

To guarantee continuous protection, conduct routine upkeep and examinations.

Future Developments and Improvements in Device Security:


Liquid glass screen protectors are potential advances in the constantly shifting world of device protection, delivering an unusual blend of usefulness, durability, and invisibility. Although traditional screen protectors are useful, both regular users and tech enthusiasts will find liquid glass’s flawless coverage and enhanced characteristics to be highly appealing.

We found the benefits of liquid glass via our investigation, including its silky touch, potential antibacterial properties, improved durability, and hidden protection. But it’s important to recognize the drawbacks as well, like the need for exact application and the varied effectiveness based on user experience and product quality.

Considering these difficulties, liquid glass screen protectors, which mix cutting-edge technology with useful usability, represent an important step in device protection. The need for creative solutions like liquid glass is going to increase as long as customers continue to place a high value on the resilience and beauty of their devices.

Further advances in liquid glass technologies will be expected with potential improvements in UV resistance, durability, and other attributes to fulfill evolving demands from customers. Liquid glass protectors for screens are expected to be a key component in protecting our gadgets and improving our digital experiences for many years to come, particularly when combined with consumer input and ongoing stud

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