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How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats using WAMR

WAMR is a program that allows users to read messages received over WhatsApp or other chat apps, even if the sender deletes them before they can view them. This allows users to retrieve and access information even if someone contacts them and deletes it before they can read it. WAMR is available on the Google Play app store and has over 50 million installations. Users can view erased messages using the “Drilens” app, which has over 50 million installations. All retrieved messages are added to the user’s message history, and recovered images appear in the user’s history of recovered images, with the precise time and date of their submission. WAMR eliminates the need to worry about what someone said before erasing the message, but users must keep the chat silent to retrieve messages.

Is the WAMR app truly functional?

The WAMR app requires the user to erase a message for it to function. It cannot retrieve deleted data or the entire chat. Users can only read past shared material and are not advised to obtain WhatsApp data under any circumstances

What does WAMR do?

WARM, a 16MB app, requires an Android phone 5 and above to function. Despite encrypted messages, WAMR cannot access WhatsApp chats. Instead, it records notifications for deleted messages and saves attached media. If the sender deletes a message, users receive notifications. However, WAMR cannot function if a chat is permanently archived, as no notifications are sent. The app’s Google Play listing suggests that Android deleting WAMR might be why messages aren’t preserved. It urges users to remove WAMR from battery optimization programs.

For example, WAMR will not function if a chat is permanently archived since no notifications will be sent. The listing says, “Android deleting WAMR might be why messages aren’t being preserved. Kindly take WAMR out of any battery optimization programs.”

Why are experts warning against WAMR?

Expert Warning against WAMR

According to an article in a security daily, cybersecurity experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) consider the program to be hazardous because it requires access to several settings. Users who allow access to the gallery, network, and notifications run a higher risk of data leaks. The inquiry concluded that while the program is not “malicious,” access to notifications might disclose sensitive data.

How WAMR works is simple

The operation of WAMR is straightforward: simply copy and store all of the data from the alerts you receive into the app. This enables you to store all of your messages—even ones that you don’t read—into your file. The best of all? It functions with status updates as well as images and text communications.

Indeed, WAMR retrieves stickers that you get in addition to texts, photos, and status updates.

Using WAMR, more than 10 million users can retrieve deleted media and messages from WhatsApp.

How do I download the WAMR iOS app for my iPhone?

The WAMR for iOS was formerly accessible through the App Store, where users could get it with ease. However, it is no longer available on the App Store as a result of iOS changes and stringent restrictions. But you can get the APK from several places.

How do I use the WAMR app?

whatsapp WAMR

Installing the WAMR app is a must for using it. To restore WhatsApp messages, follow these instructions after installation.

Step 1: On your iOS device, launch the WAMR app. Next, access the chat history on your phone by opening WhatsApp. To view the original message—whether it contains text or media—click on the deleted messages.

Step 2: To download a particular WhatsApp status, hit the menu bar and select “Save” to save it to your device from the list.

Step 3: Using the WAMR App, follow these easy steps to view the deleted messages from WhatsApp.

Well, where there is a wish, there is a way. Due to its claim that it allows you to view these erased messages, WAMR, an application, has been trending in the top 10 on the Google Play Store. With a 4.5-star rating and over 10 million downloads, WAMR is a popular app on the Play Store. We investigate the app to see whether it poses a security risk or is just for pleasure. Let’s investigate the app.

First things first: you may see deleted media and chats with the program, which essentially functions as a backup and utility tool. According to the makers, it enables users to retrieve communications that have been erased from WhatsApp and other applications like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

WAMR’s developers assert that the program may be used to retrieve many file formats, including voice memos, photos, and videos. You may download WhatsApp status updates using the app as well

Do you say “yay” or “nay”?

It is up to you how you can use WAMR for positive or negative purposes. Giving up all those freedoms, though, may be dangerous. Additionally, if you use the app for free like we did, there are a lot of advertisements, which got to be bothersome. The premium edition costs Rs. 190 per month if you wish to remove advertisements.

Frequently asked questions about WAMR

WAMR is a secure app, yes. You may verify by looking at the VirusTotal report that Uptodown releases along with all of its files. Please go to the app’s privacy policy for further information on how it uses your data.

Is WAMR without cost?

Yes, even though it offers in-app purchases and advertisements, WAMR is a free app.

What is the size of the WAMR APK’s storage space?

The WAMR APK’s size is around 20 MB; however, this might vary according to the file version you download.

Can I get my stickers back that were supplied to me with WAMR?

Indeed, WAMR retrieves stickers that you get in addition to texts, photos, and status updates.



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