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Enhance Your WhatsApp Privacy with a WhatsApp Blur Extension

The widely recognized messaging system WhatsApp was developed by Jan Koum and Brian Armstrong in 2009. For $19 billion, Facebook acquired it in 2014. As of 2021, WhatsApp had more than two billion active users per month, thus becoming one of the most famous messaging applications globally. Further to making phone and video discussions, the program lets users communicate text messages, voice messages, photos, documents, and videos. One of the many features of WhatsApp is encryption at the end of the message, which ensures that the messages can only be read by the sender and the receiver.

Blur details on Web WhatsApp.

The most effective privacy option available for WhatsApp Web is WhatsApp Blur Extension. WhatsApp Blur makes it simple to hide private and sensitive data from the WhatsApp Web interface, so you can work in public spaces or share your screen without worrying about prying eyes seeing your private messages, contacts, or conversations.

WhatsApp isn’t meant for business communication; most people use Slack or other applications. The Meta-owned platform, however, is well-liked in India and functions as a one-stop shop for all kinds of communication, personal and professional. Still, it occasionally tampers with the harmony between work and personal life.

Even worse, an open workplace allows others to peer into your system directly. Maybe you are attempting to keep your mouth shut while working in a cafe, but there is someone at your table who is bothering you.

Important characteristics of Blur Web Extension:

Blur Extension Whatsapp,

1. Privacy Protection: By skillfully obscuring important information, you may keep prying eyes out of your private conversations and connections.

2. One-Click Blur: This feature allows you to quickly transition between a conventional and encrypted WhatsApp Web experience with only one click.

3. Easy to Use and Quick: WhatsApp Blur is designed for simplicity. You don’t need to be proficient in technology to benefit from more privacy.


1. Enhanced Privacy: WhatsApp Blur takes privacy seriously, keeping your private information concealed even when you share your screen or work in a busy office.

2. User-Friendly: Turning on and off the extension is simple and easy. There’s no need for complicated setups or settings.

3. Regular upgrades: Our development team is dedicated to giving you a flawless experience. Thus, they update the extension regularly to guarantee enhanced functionality and compatibility with WhatsApp upgrades.

WA Web Plus plugin.

By obscuring contact names, profile photos, and messages, this WhatsApp Web plugin helps to resolve these issues. The WA Web Plus plugin improves privacy while adding more capabilities to the chat app. This is its intended application.

Customize It

By allowing you to select which parts to blur, it adjusts to your needs.

All chat messages: This blurs every message in the active chat window. Blurs all message previews on the left, starting with the most recent one.

Media preview: Separates all text from photos, videos, stickers, etc., by blurring them.

Media gallery: When viewing an image, movie, etc., all little icons are blurred.

Text input: To make it more challenging to read, lighten the color of the input area.

All profile images will be blurred. All group and username names are blurred.

No transition delay: Provides the option to turn off the lag before showing an object while hovering over it.


The extension is designed for Chrome, but as all of these browsers utilize the same engine (Chromium), it should also function on Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave, according to the website of WA Web Plus. It performed as expected when we tried it on Edge. Nevertheless, the Chrome Web Store does not allow the installation of browsers like Firefox and Safari.

WA Web Plus Install Guide

After searching for WA Web Plus for WhatsApp in the Chrome Web Store, click the Add to Chrome button.

There should be a new shortcut for the extension on the toolbar.

Click it once to open WhatsApp and view the extension’s menu again.

Take advantage of a more secure WhatsApp Web experience by installing WhatsApp Blur!

By distorting your interactions, the Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web increases privacy in public places. Only when you move your mouse pointer over them will your messages and other important become visible. In addition, you can click the toggle button in the extension menu or use a keyboard shortcut to toggle all effects immediately.

The most valuable and essential features of WA Web Plus

Features of WhatsApp Blur Extension

Though there are many features in WA Web Plus, some are more beneficial than others:

1. Blurred texts, contact pictures, and discussion messages:

Once you’ve toggled these on, your colleagues will only see what you want them to know.

2. Set a lock screen password: If you leave your computer open during your lunch break, you must ensure nobody else can access your WhatsApp account while you’re away.

3. Make a custom wallpaper: Unlike the mobile versions, the desktop edition of WhatsApp does not allow users to create customized chat backgrounds. WA Online Plus also makes this feature available for the online version.

4. Allow conversation folders: If you are engulfed in chats and have no way out, allow chat folders to help you find relevant ones more quickly. These categories are Unread, Groups, Personal, and Enterprises.

5. Statistics: This screen gives you a general idea of how WhatsApp is configured, showing you the number of contacts, group conversations, and individual chats you have.

After all, they are only the top 5 and don’t even begin to cover everything. The business solutions included in the extension, such as CRM Integration and Smart Auto Replies, need a subscription.

Quick Toggle

You can quickly toggle the blur in the settings or with a keyboard shortcut (Default: Alt+X).

To change this, navigate to:

Chrome: “chrome://extensions/shortcuts”

Firefox: “About add-ons” -> Settings icon on the top right -> Manage Extension Shortcuts

The WhatsApp Blur add-on is mainly utilized in many nations.

Most WhatsApp Blur extension users are found in nations like Brazil, Russia, and India, where security and privacy are major concerns. There are many WhatsApp users in these nations, and the need for privacy-enhancing solutions is rising. Because it hides users’ IP addresses and locations, the WhatsApp Blur plugin is incredibly well-liked in countries where internet restriction is joint.


In conclusion, the extension is entirely safe to use, but if something goes wrong, you can permanently remove it by right-clicking on the shortcut on your browser’s toolbar. Any modifications you make to WhatsApp will be instantly reversed.



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